World Peacekeepers Story Outline

This series, which is set in the future, is about several events that break out after troops successfully rescued a teenager who was kidnapped by the mysterious Black Armors.

Ever since Marty had his first contact with the Black Armors and was subsequently rescued, he has been found to possess mysterious prophetic abilities as he is able to see the future in fragmented visions portraying an avalanche, a tsunami, a storm and other catastrophes. These disasters will always come true after Marty experiences the prophetic visions, but he is unable to predict accurately when and where they will occur.

When the government learns about this, a unit is sent to protect Marty, and World Peacekeepers, abbreviated as WPK, is established to fight against the Black Armors. In order to defeat the Black Armors, the government grants permission for World Peacekeepers to use Ammobots – mechanical armors which have been developed over many years.

After several battles with the Black Armors, the World Peacekeepers realizes that they are actually linked to the unusual natural disasters and discovers that they originate from a small planet called Mirzam, which is outside the solar system. Their real intention is to seize the abundant ecological resources on Earth and when these resources are seized, the ecosystem will lose its balance, thus leading to natural disasters.

Episode 1: Elites

In order to defeat the mysterious Black Armor troops, General Yuan, the commander-in-chief, specially selects five elites – LM, SK, SR, TL and BT – to form World Peacekeepers, abbreviated as WPK. They are then given permission to use Ammobots, newly developed mechanical armors. WPK is entrusted with the huge responsibilities of defeating the Black Armors and protecting Marty, a boy with prophetic abilities. One day, Marty has a vision of a collapsing bridge, and it seems a flood is about to break out.

Episode 2: Occurrence

Marty's vision makes LM very anxious, and LM forces Marty to offer more predictions, much to the chagrin of everyone who thinks that he is being unreasonable. General Yuan reveals that LM's father, who was his comrade 20 years ago, died in a flood relief rescue mission. Everyone thus learns to empathize with LM. In the meantime, the weather begins to deteriorate. The WPK members request in unison to conduct another search operation and General Yuan allows them to do so.

Episode 3: Search

The WPK sets off on a mission of searching for the collapsing bridge. It turns out to be a tall order and after a wild-goose chase, even Marty begins to doubt his own prophetic abilities. General Yuan then decides to call off the search operation. Incidentally, just as Marty begins to feel dismayed, he sees the actual car that got washed away by the flood in his vision. Thus, after a difficult journey, WPK finally finds the collapsing bridge they have been looking for.

Episode 4: Besieged

After investigating the area near the collapsing bridge, the WPK realizes that many of the trees at the upstream of the river have strangely disappeared. At this moment, the Meteorological Administration announces a cloudburst warning. A flood seems imminent. As the WPK members descend the hill, they are ambushed by a unit of Black Armor troops and several other Black Armors surround Marty. The WPK members are torn between the need to rescue Marty and the need to contend with the flood.

Episode 5: Rescue

As the WPK puts up a tough fight and manages to defeat the unit of Black Armor troops, Marty's vision turns into reality and the car is washed into the river. LM jumps boldly into the river and successfully rescues the driver who has been hurled into the water, thus making up for the regret he felt when he saw his father being swept away by the flood back then. As the WPK is trying to decipher the actual intention of the Black Armors, the Black Armor troops reemerge to wreak havoc at another location on Earth.