A member of World Peacekeepers and the Iceman Sniper in the team, SK has extraordinary marksmanship. Guns have always been close to his heart and he loves guns more than life. Confident, decisive and taciturn, but also headstrong, he abhors all evil practices and is a perfectionist who strives to be the best in everything he does.

Adept at monitoring, infiltrating and ambushing, he is the best in solo combat.

Initially, SK was always trying to outdo LM in World Peacekeepers in order to prove that he is the best. However, after going through many risky missions, he has gradually come to acknowledge LM's strong leadership capabilities. SK is also the only member in World Peacekeepers to have joined the mission to rescue Marty.

SK Personal Profile
English Name: SK
Height: 175CM
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Video games
Likes: Photography
Dislikes: Tears
Role model: None
Personal slogan: Well…
Favorite color: Dark green

SK's Equipment

SK - Ammobot 02
In order to resist the ruthless invasion from enemies and protect human's homeland, genius scientist Professor Chin took advantage of the latest technology and invented super mechanical armor suit, Ammobot, tailor-made for five elites of the World Peacekeepers.

Selecting zirconium alloy as main material, this new mechanical armor suit has outstanding anticorrosive and heatproof performance. It provides great aid to WPK when they confront amphibious condition. In addition, Ammobot is equipped with one-to-one mechanical assistance. They can monitor statuses of WPK's physical power and ammunition consumption in long combat.

AMB III Sniper Rifle
AMB III Sniper Rifle is a newly developed, ultra-long-range sniper rifle and SK's exclusive weapon. Using HD (High Density) magnetic nuclear beams, it is able to fire shots at a target within 2,500 meters without any adjustments required. It also has a revolutionary drum magazine for reloading, making it vastly different from conventional sniper rifles which use stripper clips. This greatly enhances the sustainable usage of the sniper rifle.


AMB III Armed Light Machine Gun
AMB III Armed Light Machine Gun taps on magnetic nuclear beams and is mainly used during the time interval when the sniper is reloading the rifle, as well as for fast-paced hand-to-hand combat.


AMB III Automatic Pistol
Used by LM, SK and TL, AMB III Automatic Pistol has a laser targeting device and uses magnetic nuclear beams. It is suitable for close-range attacks or personal defense.


AMB IV Magnetic Sniper Rifle
An experimental weapon newly developed by Professor Chin by adopting extraterrestrial technology. Consisting of AMB IV Sniper Rifle and Magnetic Magazine, it runs on energy derived from the nuclear fusion of hydrogen isotopes. Among the Ammobot weapons, it is the strongest and has the longest firing range. In addition, ammunition depletion is not a concern because it runs on nuclear energy. (Rechargeable Sniper Rifle, blu-rays).


AMB III Submachine Gun
Belongs to the same category as AMB III Triple-Barrel Submachine Gun. Using magnetic nuclear beams, it has a high rate of fire, high penetration and is suitable for close-range combat. It comes specially equipped with a sniper rifle scope and a laser targeting device to suit SK's preferences and increase shooting precision.


AMB IV Automatic Pistol
An upgraded version of AMB III Automatic Pistol, it comes equipped with continuous shooting functions and a laser targeting device, and is able to transform from a pistol into a light machine gun. It uses magnetic nuclear beams and is suitable for close-range attacks or personal defense.


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