A member of World Peacekeepers and the Flaring Pointman in the team, TL is a good fighter who is adept at hand-to-hand combat.

Always ready to do the right thing and fight against injustice, TL is highly righteous and values relationships a lot too. TL has an extraordinary flair for martial arts, which he has been practicing since young. Adept at various moves such as kicking, hitting, wrestling, pinning, tumbling and punching, and also skilled in handling the eighteen arms of martial arts, he is truly a martial arts aficionado.

TL's father used to be a national martial arts coach, and TL has also been a national martial arts champion thrice. He was once the star player in his martial arts team, but he made the resolve to join World Peacekeepers to fulfill his calling in life. He is also the only member in the team who is armed for hand-to-hand combat.

TL Personal Profile
English name: TL
Height: 180CM
Chinese zodiac sign: Dragon
Hobbies: Martial arts
Likes: Playing drums
Dislikes: Desserts
Role model: Bruce Lee
Personal motto: We are not weaklings
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Steamed dumplings

TL's Equipment

TL - Ammobot 04
In order to resist the ruthless invasion from enemies and protect human's homeland, genius scientist Professor Chin took advantage of the latest technology and invented super mechanical armor suit, Ammobot, tailor-made for five elites of the World Peacekeepers.

Selecting zirconium alloy as main material, this new mechanical armor suit has outstanding anticorrosive and heatproof performance. It provides great aid to WPK when they confront amphibious condition. In addition, Ammobot is equipped with one-to-one mechanical assistance. They can monitor statuses of WPK's physical power and ammunition consumption in long combat.

AMB III Submachine Gun
Using magnetic nuclear beams, AMB III Submachine Gun is a newly developed triple-barrel submachine gun and TL's exclusive weapon. With its high rate of fire and strong penetration, it is a strong weapon for close-range combat. The triple barrels can perform single shooting, continuous shooting and formation shooting, thus greatly increasing combat speed and flexibility when attacking the opponent.
Weapon LM Rifle 0520
Laser Crutch
Laser Crutch is the attacker's weapon for close-range combat. The four extended corners of the crutch can emit high-temperature laser beams, thus increasing its lethal prowess.
Weapon LM Rifle 0520
AMB III Automatic Pistol
Used by LM, SK and TL, AMB III Automatic Pistol has a laser targeting device and uses magnetic nuclear beams. It is suitable for close-range attacks or personal defense.
Red Sword
A special device developed to boost TL's close-range combat prowess with his Ammobot. By adopting the optimized shape of a broadsword as it evolved over the millennium and integrating it with modern laser technology, the sturdy and invincible Red Sword is produced.
Weapon LM Rifle 0520
Dragon Rods
Multipurpose laser rods developed to unleash TL's combat skills. Dragon Rods can be extended or merged to form a Nunchaku or a long rod.
Dragon Crutch
Attached by Professor Chin onto the wrists of the Ammobot and subsequently connected to the Ammobot operating system, Dragon Crutch further increases TL's agility in combat and makes for easy maneuvering.
Red Dragon Sword
A combination of Red Sword and Dragon Rods.
Weapon LM Rifle 0520
AMB IV Automatic Pistol
An upgraded version of AMB III Automatic Pistol, it comes equipped with continuous shooting functions and a laser targeting device, and is able to transform from a pistol into a light machine gun. It uses magnetic nuclear beams and is suitable for close-range attacks or personal defense.

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