World Peacekeepers Story Outline

This series, which is set in the future, is about several events that break out after troops successfully rescued a teenager who was kidnapped by the mysterious Black Armors.

Ever since Marty had his first contact with the Black Armors and was subsequently rescued, he has been found to possess mysterious prophetic abilities as he is able to see the future in fragmented visions portraying an avalanche, a tsunami, a storm and other catastrophes. These disasters will always come true after Marty experiences the prophetic visions, but he is unable to predict accurately when and where they will occur.

When the government learns about this, a unit is sent to protect Marty, and World Peacekeepers, abbreviated as WPK, is established to fight against the Black Armors. In order to defeat the Black Armors, the government grants permission for World Peacekeepers to use Ammobots – mechanical armors which have been developed over many years.

After several battles with the Black Armors, the World Peacekeepers realizes that they are actually linked to the unusual natural disasters and discovers that they originate from a small planet called Mirzam, which is outside the solar system. Their real intention is to seize the abundant ecological resources on Earth and when these resources are seized, the ecosystem will lose its balance, thus leading to natural disasters.

Episode 21: Imprisonment

Marty is missing, and the WPK fails to locate him after a prolonged search. As everyone is worried about Marty's safety, Commander Nick has imprisoned him with the intention of finding out why he has such special abilities, but to no avail. The Black Armor troops emerge again to seize resources, but the WPK decides to take the risk of letting them off the hook in order to focus on locating Marty.

Episode 22: Sign

When the Black Armors realizes that they are being followed by the WPK, they activate the self-detonation protocol, leaving the WPK members wounded by the blast of the explosion. Marty finds an opportunity to escape from the enemy's base camp and uses his prophetic abilities to sneak into a spaceship. Upon detecting Marty's tracking signal again, the WPK sets off immediately. Although Marty is subsequently discovered by the enemy and recaptured, the WPK manages to locate their enemy's suspected base camp.

Episode 23: Missing

Commander Nick decides to relocate the base camp furtively to err on the side of caution and avoid a direct confrontation with the WPK, which loses track of Marty's whereabouts again. However, Marty finds another opportunity to escape from the new base camp of the Black Armors. This attempt proves successful, but Marty injures himself after accidentally falling down from an elevated height.

Episode 24: Combat

Commander Nick discovers that Marty is injured and uses his unique healing abilities to save him. Marty decides to return the favor by sharing with Commander Nick his prophetic vision, one which portrays Commander Nick's life in danger. The WPK manages to track down Marty and locate the new base camp of the Black Armors. To defend their final bastion, the Black Armors has an ultimate showdown with the WPK.

Episode 25: Reappearance

The WPK emerges victorious in the showdown with the Black Armor troops. Commander Nick, who has yet to recover after healing Marty, is eventually defeated. Just as Commander Nick is about to blow up the base camp, the WPK manages to rescue Marty and they escape successfully. Helpless and alone, Commander Nick receives a sudden command from the tyrants of the universe at this point in time. He is ordered to pave the way for them to invade and occupy the Earth as soon as possible.