Professor Chin    

A scientific genius, Professor Chin is a participant in ""SIZE Mission"" and is specifically in charge of developing gadgets for World Peacekeepers. Ammobot is one of his most outstanding creations.

Although Professor Chin behaves like a child at times, he is extremely serious about his work, often going without food and sleep when he is engrossed in his research, invention and development projects.

As the former president and chief consultant of the Center for Strategic Technology Research under the Ministry of Defense, he used to be in charge of developing cutting-edge armament technology.

Having fought alongside General Yuan when he was young, Professor Chin gradually became very good friends with the general. He thoroughly understands what General Yuan is thinking at work and in private, and is always ready to assist and support the general.

Professor Chin Personal Profile
English Name: Professor Chin
Height: 181CM
Hobbies: Technology Research

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