The leader of World Peacekeepers and the Thunderous Assaulter in the team, LM has outstanding organizational skills and is adept at consolidating resources.

LM is also kind, ethical, calm, eco-loving, highly responsible, impartial, righteous and dedicated. He is an inspiration to the people around him.

Adept at investigating, tracking and conducting raids, LM is a highly perceptive leader with excellent judgment and outstanding skills in terms of organizing group combat.

LM's father was a combat officer who died during a disaster relief mission when LM was still a child. Since then, LM has always strived to do the best and avoid more tragedies. Under his leadership, World Peacekeepers has overcome many crises.

LM Personal Profile
English Name: LM
Height: 175CM
Blood type: O
Expertise: Management with precision
Hobbies: Extreme sports (e.g. parachuting, rock climbing, alpine skiing etc),
surviving in the wilderness
Likes: Doodling
Dislikes: The passage of time
Role model: Father
Personal slogan: I got it
Favourite Colour: Red

LM's Equipment

LM - Ammobot 01
In order to resist the ruthless invasion from enemies and protect human's homeland, genius scientist Professor Chin took advantage of the latest technology and invented super mechanical armor suit, Ammobot, tailor-made for five elites of the World Peacekeepers.

Selecting zirconium alloy as main material, this new mechanical armor suit has outstanding anticorrosive and heatproof performance. It provides great aid to WPK when they confront amphibious condition. In addition, Ammobot is equipped with one-to-one mechanical assistance. They can monitor statuses of WPK's physical power and ammunition consumption in long combat.


AMB IV Assault Rifle
AMB IV Assault Rifle is a newly developed, multipurpose assault rifle and LM's exclusive weapon. It has the combined capabilities of four kinds of guns - an assault rifle and a silenced assault rifle which use magnetic nuclear beams, a grenade launcher which uses RG (Rifle Grenade) magnetic nuclear beams, as well as an auto-assault shotgun which uses SG (Shotgun) magnetic nuclear beams.
Weapon LM Rifle 0520


AMB III Automatic Pistol
Used by LM, SK and TL, AMB III Automatic Pistol has a laser targeting device and uses magnetic nuclear beams. It is suitable for close-range attacks or personal defense.
Weapon LM Rifle 0520


AMB IV Combination Machine Gun
AMB IV Combination Machine Gun: able to fire magnetic nuclear beams and HP (High Power) magnetic nuclear beams. It has strong firepower, narrow bursts and low recoil.


Magnetic Nuclear Missile Launching  

Able to fire magnetic nuclear surveillance missiles and can be fired thrice successively.


A supplementary propulsive device developed to cope with the upgrading of Ammobot equipment and the increased capacity.


AMB IV Automatic Pistol
An upgraded version of AMB III Automatic Pistol, it comes equipped with continuous shooting functions and a laser targeting device, and is able to transform from a pistol into a light machine gun. It uses magnetic nuclear beams and is suitable for close-range attacks or personal defense.


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