General Yuan

The commander-in-chief of World Peacekeepers, General Yuan has been appointed to lead a secret mission code-named "Secret Intelligent [Z] Equipment" or "SIZE Mission" for short. He has also been given permission to use the mechanical armor called "Ammobot" which is the latest invention for protecting the Earth.

Calm, decisive, taciturn and analytical, General Yuan has great foresight and a commanding presence. He is very perceptive in combat and adept at seizing opportunities to gain the upper hand during battles.

As the former National Minister of Defense, General Yuan has chalked up many military accomplishments. He has held the shooting record in the military academy for 30 years.

General Yuan is aware of the huge responsibilities entrusted to World Peacekeepers, as well as the unknown challenges that lie ahead of them. Therefore, he has stringent expectations of the team, and also appreciates the trust that the members place in him.

General Yuan Personal Profile
English Name: General Yuan
Height: 187CM

General Yuan's Equipment

General Yuan - Ammobot 00
Armor Material - Zirconium
Zirconium is a silver-colored metal with a high boiling point. It has a light grey appearance. Zirconium is a type of rare metal. It has extremely high resistance against corrosion and a very high boiling point, among other characteristics. Energy Source - Nuclear Fusion of Hydrogen Isotopes

AMB II Sniper Rifle
AMB II Sniper Rifle is a second-generation sniper rifle specially developed by Professor Chin for Ammobots. It is able to fire shots at a target within 2,000 meters without any adjustments required. It is also more stable compared to SK's AMB III Sniper Rifle. However, like SK's rifle, it also uses HD (High Density) magnetic nuclear beams because conventional stripper clips provide a shorter duration of continuous usage.
Weapon LM Rifle 0520


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